What is High Pressure Laminate?
High Pressure Laminate is one of the finishing material commonly used in furniture products and interior surfaces.
           Where is High Pressure Laminate can be applied?
It works best as a surface cover for cabinets, tables, kitchen set, interior decor, wall panel, etc.
          Dimension of High Pressure Laminate
High Pressure Laminate has many various sizes, both standard sizes and custom sizes. But generally is 1220 mm x 2440 mm (4 ‘x 8′) with a thickness of 0.7 mm – 1.0 mm.
          Glue is used for the application of High Pressure Laminate?
Use Taco Glue for better results or other yellow glue.
          Where is an Artform originated?
They are manufactured in India with the best raw material that is specifically imported from Europe after a strict selection, which creates highest quality HPL.
Why you should choose Artform HPL?

  • Color consistency.
  • Artform HPL with is highest quality will ensure that it will not break apart during every cutting process by machine or manually.
  • Artform HPL’s surface have more erosion resistance than other HPL brands.
  • Ready stock.
  • More than 250 designs.
  • Edging available.

          whether Artform resistant to heat?
Yes, Artform resistant to heat up to 60° C.
          Is Artform safe to use for children’s room?
Yes, it can be evidenced by a certificate GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality for Children and Schools owned by Artform.
          Is easy to get Artform?
Yes, Artform has spread wide market share in almost all major cities in Indonesia.